General Plumbing | Professional Plumber In Accra Ghana

General Plumbing | Professional Plumber In Accra Ghana

Project Type: General Plumbing

Project Location: Accra Ghana-Dodowa

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Component of a Plumbing System;
The primary purposes of a plumbing system are

  • To bring an adequate and potable supply of hot and cold water to the inhabitants of a house, and commercial
  • To drain all wastewater and sewage discharge from fixtures into the public sewer or a private disposal system.

It is, therefore, very important that the housing inspector be completely familiar with all elements of these systems so that inadequacies of the structure’s plumbing and other code violations will be recognized.

Water Service
The piping of a house service line should be as short as possible. Elbows and bends should be kept to a minimum because they reduce water pressure and, therefore, the supply of water to fixtures in the house. The house service line also should be protected from freezing. Four feet of soil is a commonly accepted depth to bury the line to prevent freezing. This depth varies, however, across the country from north to south. The local or state plumbing code should be consulted for recommended depths. The minimum service line size should be ¾ inch. The minimum water supply pressure should be 40 pounds per square inch (psi), no cement or concrete joints should be allowed, no glue joints between different types of plastic should be allowed, and no female threaded PVC fittings should be used.

Hot and Cold Water Main Lines
The hot and cold water main lines are usually hung from the basement ceiling or in the crawl space of the home and are attached to the water meter and hot water tank on one side and the fixture supply risers on the other. These pipes should be installed neatly and should be supported by pipe hangers or straps of sufficient strength and number to prevent sagging. Older homes that have copper pipes with soldered pipes can pose a lead poisoning risk, particularly to children. In 1986, Congress banned lead solder containing greater than 0.2% lead and restricted the lead content of faucets, pipes, and other plumbing materials to no more than 8%. The water should be tested to determine the presence or level of lead in the water. Until such tests can be conducted, the water should be run for about 2 minutes in the morning to flush any such material from the line. Hot and cold water lines should be approximately 6 inches apart unless the hot water line is insulated.

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