Water Treatment Solutions

Water Treatment Solutions

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Water treatment services in Ghana, Waterworld Technology has a solution for you. Engineers at Waterworld Technology are amazingly knowledgeable when it comes to your water. And also how to get the most from it.

While the water in your home might be safe to drink, it is not safe to use for your home hemogenic treatments. For this reason, you must have a water purification system either built into your home dialysis equipment or in addition to your home dialysis equipment so that the water you use for your dialysis treatments is ultra-pure.

Why isn’t my faucet water clean enough for home hemogenic ?

There are many opportunities for water to pick up environmental substances starting when raindrops fall down to earth. Gases such as carbon dioxide can be picked up by the rain, dissolve and make acid rain. Once water seeps down into the earth, it can pick up numerous minerals including calcium from limestone, metals such as lead and copper, and even poisons such as arsenic. There are man-made impurities that can contaminate the water such as pesticides and fertilizers. Well, water often contains a large amount of salt, while water from reservoirs usually harbors bacteria, viruses, and algae. And finally, city water suppliers add chemicals to the water to destroy bacteria, fluorides to prevent tooth decay, and aluminum to make the water clear.

While all this sounds a little alarming, tap water is safe to drink because it goes through a treatment process. The Ghana Water company sets standards for levels of impurities so that water stays safe to drink. Every public water system in Ghana. must follow this law which is called the Safe Drinking Water Act. However, much more “cleaning” is required to make water safe for dialysis, and standards for when water is considered ultra-pure are set. Water for dialysis has to be free of even trace amounts of impurities that may find their way into tap water. Water for dialysis needs to be ultrapure

Reasons Why dialysis treatments Have To Be Ultra Pure

The thin, hair-like threads inside your dialyzer are hollow. The walls of these fibers are made of a semipermeable material that acts as a filter. During your dialysis treatment, your blood flows inside these hollow fibers, while the outside of the fibers is bathed in the dialysate. Dialysate is a cleansing solution that is a mixture of water and chemicals that pulls the wastes and extra fluid through the fibers and out of your blood. However, because the fibers are semipermeable, if the water used to make the dialysate is not completely pure, impurities from the water in the dialysate can get into your blood. Many of these impurities can cause you serious harm.

If anything less than ultra-pure water is used during your dialysis treatment, a variety of things could happen:

  • Too much calcium or magnesium can cause nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, severe headaches, skin flushing and low or high blood pressure. 
  • Metals can cause a variety of symptoms including liver damage, inflammation of the pancreas, destruction of red blood cells, seizures, brain damage and even death. 
  • Pesticides and fertilizers can cause headaches, dizziness, convulsions and heart and liver damage.
  • The chemicals added to destroy bacteria will destroy red blood cells if they enter the blood stream. 
  • Bacteria and endotoxin can cause infections and fever. 
  • Overexposure to fluoride can cause abnormal hardening of bones, as well as nausea and vomiting, muscle twitching, low blood pressure and seizures.

Water distillation, water filtration, water purification, and reverse osmosis are common water treatment terms in the bottled water industry. Providing a water analysis, your building specifications, and your water chemistry will assist engineers to make your bottled water the best in the market. Providing you with a complete water purification system to make your bottled water the best tasting water it can be.

Waterworld Technology Water treatment system Produces low total dissolved solids.

From the tap or well water using high-efficiency reverse osmosis membranes. However, as are leading Water treatment solutions in Ghana, we designed to fit the needs of your business.

Water treatment solutions in Ghana

Waterworld Technology provides complete Reverse Osmosis solutions including the addition of special pre-treatment, UV systems, and other options to ensure proper function on the system. To sum up Ultra-filters and other specialized units are available. RO product water is used in applications such as beverage production, bottling, brewing, boiler feed, pharmaceutical, municipal water reuse, food processing, and more.

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