POP Interior Design in Ghana – Interior Decoration In Ghana…

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POP Interior Design in Ghana – Interior Decoration In Ghana…


POP Interior Design and Decoration in Ghana

Regardless of the size of your home, maintaining it can be a battle. While you may not have the time or the tools to complete everything on your to-do list, what you do have is a local Waterworld Technology with a trustworthy team of experts who offer handyman services with a Done Right Promise.

Waterworld Technology is Ghana’s No one professional Pop interior decor now and ever. We have skilled personnel that will help your dream come through. Our team of professionals has innovative experience in providing that creative touch to your homes, office, and commercial requirements.

POP ceilings are gradually becoming a famous choice in many Ghanaian homes. It is a superior option because the ceiling can be created in any way to fit the desired taste.

Waterworld Technology with the design and production of ceiling boards using Plaster of Paris [POP] gypsum materials. Plaster of Paris [POP] is a white powdery mixture of gypsum. It has been named such because the first deposit of gypsum was found in Paris. This powder when mixed with water solidifies, but without losing its volume. During the manufacturing process, the gypsum is heated and as such, it does not necessarily require any high heat treatment like ceramics and clays [Worrall 1999]. Because of its property to harden with just water, it is used in several areas, Such as Homes, Offices, Schools, churches, etc… But most notably for molding decorative objects.

Advantages of POP Interior Design

It’s made up of a good heat insulating material and is resistant to fire.

POP has low thermal conductivity.

It gives a decorative finish

It is a better option when compared to the PVC Ceiling

Durable than PVC Ceiling which makes up for the expensive price


It is more expensive than cement and PVC ceilings.

It cant be used in all houses so you have to ensure that your house is suitable for the types of ceiling before you make a move on getting one

Mixing is the process of thoroughly combining different materials to produce a homogeneous product. In this case, water and P.O.P plaster are mixed to form a mortar with the mixed proportion of 3 liters of water to 2kg of P.O.P plaster mixed vigorously to form a homogeneous mixture.

The under-listed steps Explain the Casting of the POP Ceiling Board

Firstly, the mortal was mixed in a clean container (mixing bowl). 

Water was poured into the container (mixing bowl) and plaster of Paris was sprinkled over it.

It took two minutes approximately before absorption.

Then the hand was used to mix the mortar and shake vigorously to obtain a fully homogeneous mixture.

The mortar was poured on the mold and sprayed to ensure it cover all the surface of the mold as the first layer

Fiber/villas were added which serves as reinforcement on the poured mortar.

Similar mortar was prepared and poured on it and it was ensured that it covered the entire surface as well which serves as the second layer.

Finally, the sample was left for 13 – 15 minutes to set.

Cost of Pop Ceiling in Ghana

The price of POP Ceiling depends on the contractor you are Hearing or Working with Factors like; Transportation Cost, the size of the project, location of the site influence the cost

We change between 65 to 100 cedis per meter square for POP Ceiling. Depending on the size of the room you could be spending as much as 5,000 cedis just to get a whole room worked on.

To sum up we are your one-stop shop when it comes to decorating. When the time comes to refix your home or place of business, it’s important to hire a company you can trust to complete the project correctly, on time, and within budget. Waterworld Technology POP Ceiling and Plasterboard expert team are proud to deliver just that and more. To ensure your total satisfaction with our residential and commercial Ceiling services. Think Waterworld technology. WhatsApp or call us today at 0240335653

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