P.O.P & Plaster Board Service in Accra.

P.O.P & Plaster Board Service in Accra.

Our mission is to win the heart of our clients by allowing our compelling-work and commitment speak for us.

POP Ceiling Experts In Ghana: When you think about professional ceiling design such as Pop Calling, Plasterboard, Panel Callings, Acoustic Ceiling, Drywall Grid system Ceiling, Wooden False Ceiling, Timber Calling, and many more, Look no further Waterworld technology got your back.

Waterworld Technology is Ghana’s No one professional ceiling designer now and ever. We have skilled personnel that will help your dream come through. Our team of professionals has innovative experience in providing that creative touch to your homes, office, commercial requirements.

POP Ceiling Experts In Ghana

Plasterboard comes in various sizes

Thickness. 9mm and 12 mm ( recommended )

Length 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m, and more.

Width 0.6m , 1.2m e.t.c

The 12 mm is mainly used for partition, Drylining, cladding, and interior wall. And the 9mm is also used for ceilings ( all kinds of designs ).

Available in regular, moisture-resistant type, and fire-resistant.


Waterworld Technology with the design and production of ceiling boards using Plaster of Paris [POP] gypsum materials. Plaster of Paris [POP] is a white powdery mixture of gypsum. It has been named such because the first deposit of gypsum was found in Paris. This powder when mixed with water solidifies, but without losing its volume. During the manufacturing process, the gypsum is heated and as such, it does not necessarily require any high heat treatment like ceramics and clays [Worrall 1999]. Because of its property to harden with just water, it is used in a number of areas, but most notably for molding decorative objects.

          According to Cornelis and Hurlbut (1985), plaster results from the calcination of gypsum (CaS04.2H20), which partially dehydrates to produce a hemihydrate (CaS04.1/2H2O). Although plaster of Paris a widely used today: its origin dated 9,000 years old and was found in Anatolia and Syria. It is also known fact those 5000 years ago, the Egyptians burnt gypsum in open-air fire, then crushed it into powder, and finally mixed it with water to make jointing material for the blocks of monuments, used model of plaster taken directly from the human body

Mixing is the process of thoroughly combining different materials to produce a homogeneous product. In this case, water and P.O.P plaster are mixed to form a mortar with the mixed proportion of 3 liters of water to 2kg of P.O.P plaster mixed vigorously to form a homogeneous mixture.

The under-listed steps explain the casting of POP ceiling board:-

  1. Firstly, the mortal was mixed in a clean container (mixing bowl). 
  2. Water was poured into the container (mixing bowl) and plaster of Paris was sprinkled over it.
  3. It took two minutes approximately before absorption.
  4. Then hand was used to mixed the mortal and shake vigorously to obtain a fully homogeneous mixture.
  5. The mortar was poured on the mould and sprayed to ensure it cover all the surface of the mould as first layer
  6. Fibre/villas was added which serves as reinforcement on the poured mortar.
  7. Similar mortar was prepared and poured on it and it was ensured that it covered the entire surface as well which serves as the second layer.
  8. Finally, the sample was left for 13 – 15 minutes to set.

To sum up we are your one-stop shop when it comes to decorating. When the time comes to refix your home or place of business, it’s important to hire a company you can trust to complete the project correctly, on time, and on budget. Waterworld Technology POP and Plasterboard expert team is proud to deliver just that and more. To ensure your total satisfaction with our residential and commercial Ceiling services. Think Waterworld technology. WhatsApp or call us today at 0240335653

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