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Graffiato experts in Ghana Accra Waterworld Technology. Adding Graffiato texture to the wall is one of the most economical alternatives for coating walls. It prevents fungus, wall cracks and is washable. Why have a smooth and basic wall when we can easily apply rich texture to add a little to the walls and give a different vibe to our environment

Application of Graffiato texture to your wall is one of the most economical options for coating walls.

THE REASON WHY YOU SHOULD USE GRAFFIATO: Graffiato experts in Ghana Accra

  • It is washable hence facilitates entire wall cleaning process there by saving cost.
  • it is fungal resistant.
  • Gives a natural feel to your wall.
  • it dry’s very fast and can be applied to many surface.

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Acrylic resin-based, scratch-effect wall plaster in paste
form for internal and external applications, available in various grain sizes.
Used to decorate and offer good protection to walls,
and to even out surface imperfections. It May be used to protect and decorate any kind of building, including those which are already painted

Some application examples
• Decorating all types of cementitious or lime-based render.
• Walls smoothed over with all smoothing products from the MAPEI range.
• Decorating old, well-bonded paintwork (apply a test layer beforehand).
• Decorating concrete walls,

Preparation of the product
WWT Graffiato is supplied ready to use and just needs to be thoroughly mixed with a drill at low speed, if necessary, may be diluted with 1-2% of water if the product is too viscous.

WWT Graffiato gives the substrate an attractive scratch-effect finish. It is available in colors from the “Colour Choice” color chart and a wide range of colors obtained using the ColorMap® automatic coloring


Preparation of the substrate

New surfaces or surfaces patched up with repair mortar must be cured, perfectly clean, flat, and dry.

Remove all traces of oil and grease and loose parts from the surface.

Seal any cracks which are present and repair any deteriorated areas.

Seal porosity and level off uneven areas on the substrate with mortar and smoothing compound from the MAPEI Building products range

Application of the product

Apply WWT Graffiato with a stainless steel or plastic trowel on the dry coat of Malech. The protection cycle includes the application of a coat of WWT Graffiato. Depending on the grain size of the WWT Graffiato and the roughness of the substrate, two coats may be applied to obtain a perfectly even finish. A smoothing coat may be applied followed by a second coat after 24 hours. Both coats must be applied evenly, and must then be smoothed over with a plastic float to even out the surface and to get the final pattern required.

WWT Graffiato is not considered hazardous according to current standards and regulations regarding the classification of mixtures. However, the use of protective gloves and goggles and the application of the usual precautions taken when handling chemical products are recommended. If the product is applied in a closed area, make sure that it is well ventilated

FIRST AID EYES: In the event of accidental splashes, flush eyes with warm water immediately and obtain medical advice.

SKIN Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water or an approved industrial cleaner. DO NOT USE solvent or thinners.

INGESTION: In case of accidental ingestion, DO NOT EFFECT VOMITING. Obtain immediate medical alert.

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