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Bio Fil Toilet Designer |

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Professional Biofil Engineers in Ghana: When you think about hiring a professional Bio Fil/Digester toilet contractor then look no further I recommend Waterworld Technology for you for 100% satisfaction.

The Biofil Digester is a simple compact on-site organic waste treatment system that uniquely
combines the benefits of the flush toilet system and those of the composting toilets and
eliminates the disadvantages and drawbacks of both systems.

WHY BIO FIL? As a Professional Biofil Engineer in Ghana. That is to say, The Bio Fil/Digester is a simple compact on-site organic waste treatment system. That uniquely combines the benefits of the flush toilet system and those of the composting toilets and eliminates the disadvantages and drawbacks of both systems.

In other words, the design is simple, replicable, and affordable. It operates on very low maintenance requirements. It is suitable for all soil conditions including heavy clay soils, shallow or exposed rock beds, and soils with high water tables. The digester can be laid above ground or below ground depending on the groundwater level of the location. The hazards of unsafe sanitation include diseases like cholera, dysentery, scabies and intestinal worms, and environmental pollution.

Above all Biofil toilets are well ventilated, well illuminated, and meet the specific needs of user groups. Misuse of toilets and open defecation is often avoided. Likewise, tiled interiors make cleaning toilets easy. The digester provides a complete barrier to insect vectors that spread diseases.

Good sanitation practice
Biofil Digester is completely aerobic. It requires minimum maintenance and needs no
mechanical or electrical aeration of solid mass to achieve decomposition. There is no need
for human contact with excreta. No odors or sludge are generated in the system to attract
insects that spread germs. Design considerations of the system (digester made of concrete)
make it impossible for rodents to burrow into Digester unlike conventional pit latrines

Minimum Land Space

The basic digester is 2ft X 2ft X 6ft (600mm X 600mm X 1800mm) and so land-take is

Number of Users
The typical digester (2ftX2ftX6ft or 600mm X 600mm X 1800mm) can accommodate 25
users in the micro-flush setting and 10 users when operated as a flush unit. These are average
typical usages the digester can tolerate occasion heavier use

The system is technical, economic, social, and environmentally suitable for use in all situations, especially where:

Water supply is an issue:

• Onsite well, or watercourse on the property where the danger of pollution of these
sources by runoff from waste and effluent are real
• Property is located in a chronically drought-affected area
• Property has a limited supply of fresh water

 Service is an issue:
• No sewer, no water
• No septic hauling service

 Property is an issue:
• Adverse soil conditions (clayey/solid rock sites )
• Poor drainage, high water table
• Low or seasonal use situations of sanitary facilities
• Crowded area/small land space

Designed in Africa for Africa, Biofil relies entirely on local manufacturers and local materials. It
is excellent in performance, affordable and replicable.


When the Biofil Digester is used in homes offices and other commercial properties for treating
septic waste, it totally replaces the traditional septic tanks. It may be installed above ground or
buried depending on groundwater conditions. All the plumbing within the building remains
unchanged. For toilets located on the ground floors, we recommend that P-trap WC toilet bowls
be used in areas with high groundwater tables or in areas where installation of the Biofil digester
will have to be above ground.

Septic Tank Biofil Digester

 Groundwater pollution  None

 Cesspit emptying cost  No need for Cesspit emptying

 Not ideal for waterlogged areas  Suitable for all soil conditions

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